Saturday, July 04, 2009

Video: "The Colour of the Race Problem is White"

Here is a useful video of what appears to be an introductory seminar for university students on the basics of racial inequality and struggles against it called "The Colour of the Race Problem is White," given by author and activist Robert Jensen. It is pretty U.S.-centric in its detail and context, but the form of the argument transposes without much difficulty onto Canada.


Sue said...

I see no differences between whites and blacks.

Scott Neigh said...

Well, what do you mean by that? If you mean that you see all human beings as deserving the same dignity, power, privilege, choice, freedom, and access to social justice, and that we must struggle to make that vision reality, then great. But if you mean you refuse to see how people get socially organized, on the basis of racial background and lots of other things, into very different experiences of power, privilege, and oppression, then the claim to "see no differences" is actually part of the problem. So tell me more about what that means to you.