Monday, August 10, 2009

Urge Tim Horton's to Stop Supporting Anti-Queer Group

Check out this post, which describes how Tim Horton's is sponsoring an event in Rhode Island opposing civil rights for queer people and even allowing its logo to be plastered all over promotional material for it. As the post says, "To be clear, this is an event hosted by an organization that has said gays and lesbians are a threat to children, and a group that openly promotes discrimination toward gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens."

I think it is important for those of us who live in the areas where Timmies makes most of its money -- which also tend to be areas in which there is at least passive majority support for basic civil rights for queer people -- and who may occasionally enjoy a double-double and a honey cruller, to let them know that this is not okay and that their business is going to suffer if they don't repudiate their involvement with anti-gay politics. Learn more and then tell Tim Horton's not to support bigotry like this.

(Thanks to SC for the link.)


Anonymous said...

Whether it was an individual or the whole chain is irrelevent if the logo is on the brochure. This article rightly points out that Timmys is still new in the US, and this will be what people in the US associate it with:

Scott said...

In corporate language that reveals and says as little as possible, Tim Horton's has announced that "the Rhode Island event organizer and purpose of the event fall outside of our sponsorship guidelines. As such, Tim Hortons can not provide support at the event."

Scott said...

Oh..and yay for small victories!