Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Demand Local Company Stop Crossing Steelworker Picket Lines

Whether you live in Sudbury or not, please take a few minutes and let this company, Day Construction, know that their blatant disrespect for the rights of working people will not be tolerated. An email I received today:

This morning Day Construction is starting to cross the Steelworkers picket line to remove ore so that the company can circumvent the men and women of Local 6500. This is a disgusting display of profits before people. Vale-Inco is trying to see what kind of resistance they will get from the community and from Local 6500.

We need to prove to day construction that scabbing in Sudbury is unacceptable. Also, the ore is going to be hauled out of Sudbury by CP rail we also need to let CP rail know that if they touch that nickel they're as dirty as the scab management from Day Construction.

I've e-mailed you all because we need to be calling Day Construction to let them know that they can`t touch that nickel that was mined by unionized workers.

705 682-1555 ext.249 Just tell the secretary that you want to leave a message for management. Or e-mail the president of the company at,

Please show your support for striking workers and your opposition for this distressing example of profits being put before people.

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