Friday, October 08, 2004

Pain, Pain, Pain

Earlier tonight, poor unsuspecting me went to the weekly peace vigil near our apartment, and what should I find there but a radio and a television playing tonight's presidential debate. I'm not a citizen in this country so I'm not a voter and I most definitely am not undecided, so I had planned on sparing myself the discomfort, nausea, and irritation of this theatrical charade between ruling-class stooges named Bad and Worse.

At least George Bush is kind of funny, in an apocalyptic, anxiety-inducing kind of way. The funniest (saddest) part was when, in his answer to some question about judicial appointments, he made some babbled reference to the Dred Scott case -- I couldn't tell if he was supporting or opposing the right of slavecatchers to apprehend escaped slaves in non-slavery states.

As my partner's cousin back in Canada said in an email to her the day after watching the first presidential debate: "You guys are f**ked."

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