Thursday, June 02, 2005

Defending Choice in Canada

This is from the Toronto Social Forum email list, and follows up on from this earlier post about a suggested action to support the University of Western Ontario in its decision to give an honourary degree to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, an important crusader for reproductive choice in Canada:

I am in London and feel like I have moved back in time 25 years. The anti-choice is really organized and visible here protesting the decision of the University of Western Ontario to give Dr. Henry Morgentaler an honorary degree. So far Western is holding firm but the anti-choice is growing in strength.

The pro-choice majority is starting to have a more visible presence in the City and we can help. The Unitarian Church has started a Morgentaler Scholarship Fund. You can contribute online here.

Just scroll down and you'll see a box where you can specify where you want your contribution to go. Just specify, "Morgentaler Scholarship Fund." You can also mail a cheque to the Development Office, University of Western Ontario, 1151 Richmond Street, Suite 2, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B8

That way with small donations we can make up for any money that the University of Western Ontario has lost.

The Women's Issues Network at Western usc.womens.issues(at) is organizing a "Celebration of Choice" on the morning of June 16 when Morgentaler gets his degree. If you can join them or let your contacts and friends in the London area know about it. Please do.

Please provide support as you are able!

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