Wednesday, July 27, 2005

US Anti-war Grannies Arrested

I love the Raging Grannies. Apparently, members of the Tuscon, Arizona chapter went to a recruiting centre, asked to enlist so as "to replace the young who are in the firing line," read a statement, sang some songs, and left. Once they were well away from the site, they were arrested for trespassing. And why were they arrested? Because recruitment is where the U.S. war machine is most vulnerable at the moment, and the state doesn't want any other grannies getting any crazy ideas that might get in the way of it conning more youth into "volunteering" (or even actually volunteering) for the imperial meat grinder. (Via an email from Toronto Action for Social Change.)

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medea said...

I love the Raging Grannies too! Such chutzpah- and always for the most just cause.