Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Nations Solidarity Petition

Here is a petition that you can sign which demands:

We request that the Canadian Goverment immediately Remove all Police and Military Presence in the Area of Caledonia and The Six Nations Reserve. That all Six Nations Land be returned to its rightful owners and all development attempts cease now!

I received it from a respected activist (though he might not necessarily use that term himself) in the Aboriginal community in Hamilton, Ontario, which is the major city nearest Caledonia, where the occupation is taking place. In this mass-distribution mailing he added the following:

Iesewatera, swiioh:hake (eye-ee, say wuh day luh, swee yoh haw gay)

I wish you well, on your journey.

(Around the "Wheel of LIFE"- Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.)

tanon SKENNEN, tiot:ken ( dohn noe SKENNOH, dyut gohn)

and PEACE, always,

Konoronkwa, tiot:ken (Guh nuh lohn Kwaw, Dyut gohn)

I love You, always,

tanon, nia:wen, Sohnkwiiote:son, Konoronkwa, tiot:ken

(dohn noh, neeyaw wuh,Sohn gwyuh dee sohn, guh nuh lone kwuh, dyut gohn)

and, thank you, Creator, I love you, always.

Please sign it! I'm not sure it will be open to signatures after April 25th, but give it a shot anyway.

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