Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Which Side Are You On?

Here is a great post from Sketchy Thoughts called "Detoxing From Canada" on the possibility of choosing alliance with anti-colonial and anti-imperial struggle over blind complicity in oppression.

Kersplebedeb writes:

The Mohawk people at “Douglas Creek Estates” are reclaiming their land, not mine. Indigenous culture is not my culture. Their struggle is their struggle, and they will take the lead and set their terms and define their own strategies. This is just normal.

Nevertheless, as must be obvious from the past weeks on this blog, i am not neutral or disinterested about what happens in Caledonia. I see the Mohawk struggle as an inspiring front in the war for a better world. While thousands of settlers may have rallied against the Mohawks in Caledonia last night, there is no “racial divide” which forces non-natives to take such a bigoted stand. It’s a choice.

What follows is an explanation for why i think even settlers should choose to support the Mohawk reclamation.


Ricia said...

gawd knows i've been fighting an overwhelming itch to comment on this issue... i'm saving it for when i have the time to present more than passionate opinion. thanx for this link scott..

Scott said...

Hi Ricia! Glad you found the link useful...I look forward to reading your thoughts on the issue.


Anonymous said...

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