Friday, September 01, 2006

Spike Lee on Hurricane Katrina

Lenin's Tomb has been posting, in ten minute increments, Spike Lee's new documentary on Hurricane Katrina. I have only watched the first hour or so, so far, but I think it is well worth investing the time to see the whole thing -- the film serves as an effective, accessible summary of the depravity of institutions organized and constituted by human beings that joined with the weather to turn the events of a year ago into such a tragedy and that are still humming along merrily to turn the destruction to the advantage of the rich and mostly-white at the expense of the poor and mostly-Black and brown, as well as a way to hear voices from folks in the latter group. The posts at the Tomb, which link in turn to all the pieces of video, can be found here and here so far, with a couple more parts to come, I think.

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